RoadWorks Media is a community interest company that transforms young lives via hands on media training.

Working within the local community we seek to encourage self-expression and the belief that with enough hard work anything is possible. By involving young people in our projects and providing them with hands on training, we give them the power to gain experience, knowledge and confidence to build up their careers . Current projects include the creation of short films, the magazine, and a pod cast. We also run creative workshops that are open to participation.


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Quince Garcia

My name is Quince Garcia and I am co-director of Roadworks Media.Since I was a child, the idea of capturing a moment and being able to look at it in the form of a photograph has always fascinated me. People and stories has also been a huge exploration for me to observe and listen too. This gave me the character to mimic people’s personalities and thrive from having an audience so I could entertain them. However, my life has been plighted with interesting stories that have built me up my character, which can relate to vulnerable young people. The types of young individuals who have suffered from an impact of having low self esteem, a lack of self-awareness, being socially deprived and communication issues. Achieving a degree in Film and Animation at University of East London helped me to analyse where my passion for film came from. Roadworks Media gives me a wonderful platform to share my passion and teach my approach to being creative. My interest in literature also goes back a long way and being able to write in the way I want, gives me so much freedom from the personal entrapments I used to have. My belief in freethinking relates to expressing yourself not through perfection but through performance.


Julien Bernard Grau

Co-Founder of RoadWorks Media CIC, Julien Bernard-Grau is a writer, photographer, filmmaker and theatre lighting designer; with over 8 years experience working in film production and community outreach. After graduating from the BRITs School in 2003, Julien studied Directing at The London Drama Centre. Following this he began to work for a number of media and non profit organisations; Shooting People, Vizumi and the Native Spirit Foundation.
Julien has won awards from the Universal Peace Federation for his community work, met HRH the Prince of Wales. Additionally he had his work exhibited at  Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition 2016 and his latest short film “Appellation” has been accepted in four international film festivals.
Julien aims to produce art that transcends all social norms and conventions to create artistic projects that will cause people to challenge and reevaluate their preconceived perceptions of the world.