Our experienced mentors are able to support a wide range of individuals, from those in care, to ex offenders, NEETs, and gang members. Offering one to one support, we are able to help improve our mentees prospects using media as a starting point, teaching them transferable skills and encourage active participation and positive decision making.


Photography:  Holding an event or product launch? It would be a shame not to capture it!

We offer high-quality photography for a variety of events, launches and shows, as well as photo shoots in a professional studio environment.

Digital Media/ Online PR

Online social networking:  Social media can often seem like a different language, but in today’s digital landscape it can’t be ignored. As such, we provide you with a simple solution for your business. Let our dedicated professionals take care of it.

Our social media specialists are on hand to create quality content for your social media platforms, generating personalised and on-trend posts for Facebook, Twitter and more, which will inform your audience on the latest news, events and other activities.

Film Production

Film Production: Filming in broadcast safe HD as standard, we are able to accommodate for multiple set ups whilst filming. We also offer digital editing services including the generation of titles, graphics and animation to take your project to the next level.

In addition to filming and editing we are also able to provide a creative and enthusiastic crew, help you to develop your project, assist with casting, location scouting and scheduling, as well as various other aspects of pre and post-production.